As Donald Trump prepares to take office on 20 January becoming the 45th President of the United States, bookmakers appear to be cold on President Trump lasting a full four-year term.

The bookmakers’ lack of confidence on a Trump Presidency, appears justified as the New Yorker will takeover the White House with the lowest favourability of any incoming President in US history.

Furthermore, the Trump administration faces daily criticism of its leader’ actions, with regards to his controversial cabinet picks, neglect of US intelligence briefings, his compromise towards Russian actions and for not fully divesting his business interests which may likely cause future conflicts of integrity.

This week saw Ladbrokes Politics place odds of ‘evens’ for President Trump ‘to leave office via impeachment or resignation before end of 1st term’. Further bookmakers have priced Trump at 4/1, that he will not last a year in office.

Paddy Power, a bookmaker that was severely stung by Trump’s November US Election victory, has priced special odds of 20/1 on ‘Trump not to be inaugurated on 20 January’, following this week’s ‘unverified’ allegations of Trump participating in lewd sex acts during a visit to Moscow.

In 2017, it is likely that Trump will continue to be the industry’s liveliest political betting market. Yet to take on full Oval Office responsibilities, bookmakers have opened a number of new Trump related markets including, which country will Trump visit first, when Trump will visit the UK, which Obama act he will first repeal and whether he will stick a ‘Trump’ sign on top of the White House.

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