Roulette is among the oldest casino games that are being played up to date. Here we will explain briefly about online Roulette game history and origin (where and how roulette has arisen) over the years. There are different inventions that have taken place right up to the modern online Roulette game versions.


The origin of Roulette is said to be either Rota Fortunae or Wheel of Fortune. The concept of the game came from an old philosophy of turning a wheel by the goddess of fate to determine the rise and fall of a king. This philosophy symbolizes happiness or sadness, which is a good symbolism for gambling. It is believed that Blaise Pascal, French physicist invented the game. Another influence of Roulette game came from the Italian board game called Biribi.


As the Roulette game thrived in Europe, it equally flourished in America. The American symbol of liberty, the eagle, added an extra face of the game. The style of playing the game in America was different from that of Europe. It was because the Americans modified the game layout for simpler betting options. It made it easier for the game to spread in America. The Europeans maintained the single zero and double zero rule.


During the 18th century, Roulette was introduced in France and became popular in casinos. King Louis xv banned the game during his reign. Napoleon Bonaparte allowed the game to be played only in Palais Royale casinos in 1806. In 1837, Louis Phillipe closed all casinos in France. The game continued to be played in Monte Carlo after it was banned in France and German. From here, Roulette was absorbed in other parts of the world.


During this century, casinos were not popular in Europe, but Monte Carlo was popular with the single zero version of Roulette. Las Vegs was popular with the American double zero. However, the popularity of gambling games increased during the 1970's and began to boom throughout the world. Introduction on the internet during the 20th century accelerated the flourishing of Roulette game in all parts of the world. The first online gambling site was the InterCasino which was launched in 1996. Later, both the European and American versions were available online. Continuous invention led to more online casino sites like Multi Wheel Roulette, Pinball Roulette, Multiball Roulette and Mini Roulette.


With the advantage of the internet, online casinos have become many and popular across the world. Technology has been used to invent casino software that is reliable and simple to use. The new millennium is currently streaming real casinos and having more enjoyable gambling experience. VueTec was the pioneer company to introduce the real games online by using a webcam for live streaming. Participants would pick numbers, and the winner would be determined by a real roulette table, instead of electronic number generator. However, this limited the online players because they could not physically interact with the other participants. Also, the cameras were placed too high, preventing a clear view of the table. Casino studios were introduced in 2006 to solve the visual challenge. Cutting edge innovation in casinos has continued to evolve up to date, improving the online versions.